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Bambi, demented

My friends and I were always ones to never turn down a party. We were the freshman that everyone knew. We had an amazing four years in college and never wanted it to end. There was one experience that gives me the shakes everytime I think of it. After one long drunken night, my three friends and I were walking back to our dorm rooms and we heard some rustling in the trees, but we were to drunk to care.  Anyway we heard it again, and we yelled “who the fuck is playing around, were to drunk for this” and we laughed our asses off. However, all of a sudden a deer with like the biggest fuckin antlers I have ever seen, jumped out and look at us, seriously it’s eyes were as red as blood. My friend ruth, later pointed out, that it was mating season for the male deer and they were in heat and they could attack anyone. I started running and my friends followed. We heard the deer running beind us, we were petrified. Thank God the door to the dorms were propped we jetted in there and shut the door hard behind us. We were so out of breath, but it was a memory I sure as hell would never forget. Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison NJ, has a lot of deer out and about, and from that day on I am scared of deer, I can never look at Bambi the same again.

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